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16 White Dresser Styles You’ll Love + Our Top Picks

16 White Dresser Styles You’ll Love + Our Top Picks

White Dressers 101

As one of the most versatile pieces of storage-type furniture, white dressers are a great choice for any room. With so many different white dresser shapes and sizes available, you can use white dressers to suit almost any room's style and design – from bedrooms to living rooms to basement rec rooms and beyond. Dressers in general are perfect for storing clothes, linens, and extra blankets, but they're also great for displaying collectibles, jewelry, or knick-knacks. Since white works in pretty much any space, a white dresser is a great simple addition.

For example, if you have an old record collection that you want to show off in your den or music room, white dressers will be the perfect complement to those vinyls! They also work great for holding TVs in the living room alongside media.

There are many different styles of white dressers available: 

These dressers often feature minimalist, contemporary designs throughout, with the same principles applying to the legs and pulls.

There’s also a wide variety of shapes and sizes of white dressers that work for different rooms and areas of your home, depending on your needs and personal taste.

Here are common sizes and types of white dressers that you’re likely to find in your search.

Type of Dressers Description
Horizontal Dresser Long and low to the ground, these pieces are often used in combination with an attached mirror, but can also stand on their own. They can have as few as four drawers and as many as eight.
Vertical Dresser For those short on space but seeking effective storage options, a vertical dresser offers a smaller footprint and plenty of drawer space.
Double Dresser Also acting as a great dressing table or area for a tabletop mirror, these long and low dressers are designed for couples to share, with each getting a row or column of drawers, making them large versions of horizontal dressers.
Lingerie Chest In this type of dresser, smaller and lighter items of clothing such as lingerie, undergarments, handkerchiefs, bathing suits, and socks are stored. These dressers can be horizontal or vertical in design and typically offer great storage for compact spaces or closets.
Bachelor’s Dresser As the name might suggest, a bachelor's chest is designed for one person short on space. It is essentially a chest of drawers featuring one tall free space on one side to hang suits, jackets, and other clothes in addition to dresser drawers. These are also practical options for kids and teenagers.

No matter which style you’re after, there’s an option that works for you on this list of white dressers.

7 Drawer Combo Dresser White

7 Drawer white dresser

Axiom Dresser - Bernhardt

If you need ample storage and a variety of drawer sizes, this seven drawer combo dresser in white is perfect for you. With four equally sized, spacious drawers, and one long drawer accented by two smaller drawers, this dresser is designed to store plenty of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. We like the slick, modern finish and the elevated legs. It feels minimal for such a substantial piece!

White 6 Drawer Dresser

White 6 drawer dresser

Atlas Six Drawer Dresser - Century Furniture

If you’re seeking a coastal chic white six drawer dresser, this is it. We love the textured drawer fronts – with a classic reed wallpaper and muted wash of white look. The brushed nickel pulls make it easy to access the deep, good-sized drawers. You can add your favourite accessories to the top of the dresser or a mirror to make for a stylish dressing table.

White 3 Drawer Dresser

White 3 drawer dresser

Urban Elevation Three-Drawer Chest - Hooker

If you need long, wide drawers in your next dresser purchase, we think this white three drawer dresser would do just the trick. We love the plain, simple white finish with rustic, pale oak legs and pulls. It feels perfectly minimal, rustic, and almost Scandinavian in nature. The rivets add an industrial feel, too. We can see this in both adult bedrooms and kids’ spaces, making it a versatile piece you will love.

Tall White Dresser

Tall white dresser

Silhouette Tall Drawer Chest - Bernhardt

Sometimes, a space calls for a tall dresser! We love that this tall white dresser takes up minimal space while offering tons of storage, and plenty of style, too. The octagonal, overlapping pulls are elegant and practical, and the polished stainless steel bead around the top highlights the lift-up mirrored. Inside, find a black felt-lined jewelry tray perfect for keeping your favourite pieces at hand.

Long White Dresser

Long white dresser

Floating Away - Caracole

Featuring a light oak exterior and bright white interior, this dresser makes a statement. The top drawer features a removable jewelry tray and non-removable dividers, which provide compact, multi-purpose storage. This chest appears to be floating in midair thanks to its acrylic legs with gold tips.

White Modern Vanity Dresser

White modern vanity dresser

Blanca Drawer Chest - Bernhardt

How sleek is this white modern vanity dresser? Its reflective design is bright and fresh, perfect for hosting your favourite items atop its mirrored surface. The polished stainless steel frame is sleek and definitely checks out for a modern, glamourous look. The four drawers are substantial and large enough for clothes and accessories.

Dark Brown and White Dresser

Dark brown and white dresser

Silhouette Dresser - Bernhardt

If you’re on the hunt for a dark brown and white dresser – we love this option! It feels classic and chic, with its square two-tone knobs and rounded legs. The eight drawers are large and offer plenty of room for storage and adjustable glides for a smooth opening and closing experience. Thanks to its stylish appearance, you could easily bring this dresser into the bedroom and beyond.

White and Wood Dresser

White and wood dresser

Tribeca Dresser - Hooker Furniture

Looking for a touch of old world class and elegance in your space? Look no further than this ten drawer offering from Hooker Furniture. With eight drawers, this dresser chest is perfect for couples sharing the space, it offers a jewelry tray in both the top right drawer and the top left drawer. The traditional pulls are both practical and stylish and complement the deep wood finish.

Small White Dresser

Small white dresser

Cascade Four-Drawer Bachelor Chest - Hooker Furniture

Just because you are looking for a small white dresser, it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice on style! We love the variety of textures and finishes that are brought together in this piece. Its coastal, and lacquered burlap exterior and the cast resin drawer fronts add to its rustic appeal.

White and Gold Dresser

White and gold dresser

The Parisian Dresser - Caracole

Bring a touch of French classic design to your home with this delicate white and gold dresser. This dresser's sleek flat front and corners are adorned with gold pulls that remind us of classic design. This dresser is substantial enough to store plenty of your belongings without overwhelming the space. The bonus slide-out drawer at the top is perfect for storing favourite jewelry and accessories.

White Lacquer Dresser

White lacquer dresser

Julien Chest - Lillian August

A glossy white dresser is the perfect modern accent for a bedroom or living space. It features clean lines and beautifully crafted satin brass hardware with a high-shine white finish. You get three large, deep drawers as well as an additional accessory drawer at the top. The style of this piece is versatile, it would work with a number of different aesthetics and styles.

Black and White Dresser

Black and white dresser

Spencer Dresser - Universal Furniture

We love this black and white dresser from Universal Furniture. With solid black metal accents on the bottom frame and matching pulls, combined with the weathered grey drawer fronts and clean white outer frame, this piece feels almost industrial. It’s a contemporary twist on a classic white dresser that would look great in front entryways and certainly provides plenty of storage space for everyday items.

White Wash Dresser

White wash dresser

Escape Drawer Dresser - Universal Furniture

In spaces that call for a coastal aesthetic, a white wash dresser is a great choice. It’s an easy, breezy look and offers plenty of space to store your belongings in its eight drawers, plus a bonus jewelry tray insert for keeping special items organized. The silver ring pulls perfectly align with this laid-back look, ideal for cottages, cabins, and beachside escapes.

White Nightstand and Dresser Set

White nightstand and dresser set

Coltrane Side Table and Dresser - Vanguard Furniture

Choosing a matching white nightstand and dresser is a great way to maintain a cohesive look in your space. Plus, between the two pieces, you get nine dresser drawers that you can use to store everything you need in your bedroom. We love the simple finish paired with the pull details in the center of each drawer, too.

Choosing a White Dresser

When you’re buying a white dresser for your space, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options available.  That’s why it’s essential to consider a few key things ahead of shopping. This way, you can narrow your search to options that work for you and your home!

Steps to choosing your white dresser include:

  1. Style: What style and aesthetic do you prefer? What is the style of the room where the piece will be placed? Consider this when looking at dressers, you can find white dressers to suit every taste.
  2. Type: The type of dresser is important too. You may want to think about the size and number of drawers you’d like to help determine which type of white dresser you choose.
  3. Space: Before you decide on a white dresser, consider the space your dresser is going into. Think about the proportions of the room, as well as the other furniture occupying the space. .
  4. Budget: How much do you have to spend on this piece? Are you buying other pieces to coordinate with it at the same time? Think about the quality of the piece you are seeking, , as well as the size, as this will help you set an appropriate budget.
  5. Function: Function is one of the most important aspects of choosing a white dresser. What is the white dresser being used for? Is it to store clothing and accessories or other household items? What room is it going into, and how does it need to work?

Once you answer the questions above, your search for a white dresser will certainly be a more smooth endeavor.

And remember: no matter what type of white dresser you choose, keep these tips in mind as general guidelines when making decisions about what kind of furniture looks best in any given room.


The world is your oyster when it comes to white dressers. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, and styles. And hopefully, by now, you’ve gotten a better idea of what some of the best white dresser styles look like and what they can do for your room.

If you don’t know where to start, or feel like you’re stuck on your white dresser choice, get in touch with the team at Bondars for professional design advice and for a great selection of white dressers.


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