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Where To Find Modern Furniture in Calgary?

Where To Find Modern Furniture in Calgary?

Do you want to update your home decor? Are you tired of the traditional home furnishings? Perhaps it’s time to exercise a little creativity, break out of the norm and into something new and exciting. You don’t want ordinary, you want extraordinary. The design associates at Bondars research the latest home designs in contemporary furniture so we can offer our clients quality, variety, and style in modern furniture for every room in the house.

Calgary has a vibrant shopping culture. This city plays host to large shopping areas, outdoor and indoor markets, and a cosmopolitan selection of high-end stores. All of which means, when you are shopping for modern home décor there is no need to travel far.

Contemporary furniture calgary


Contemporary Furniture for Modern Living

Contemporary design allows you to mix and match several styles. Clean lines can be softened with cozy accents, and round and rustic styles can be updated with a few modernist accent chairs, sleek storage units, or neutral colours. However, the most consistent rule of good design is a sense of space and good taste.

A modern sofa can come in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes. Velvet was once considered a fabric that belonged to Victorian fainting sofas or overstuffed chairs. Now, it is a popular choice for many modern sofa designs and can be found covering a slim sofa with sleek teak frame.

Modern Sofa

Leather used to be the standard material for heavy chesterfields, and dare we say – La-Z-boys! Now, you can find a soft leather sofa inspired by a Mad Men design that reflects today’s sophisticated technology age. Today’s designs are inspired by many fashion eras and feature eclectic choices.

Coffee, Cocktails, and Casual Conversation

Modern Side TableMany Calgarians have a traditional sofa they absolutely love, but they don’t want their entire living room to follow the same traditional style. A leather chesterfield can be complemented with a few modern twists. And you can simply update the look of your living room by adding contemporary coffee tables or side tables.

Contemporary design means ‘style of the moment’, and in today’s postmodern world that means you can choose what you love, and follow a few design tips to help create a sense of balance and coordination in the room.

A large, square cocktail table can bring warmth to a minimalist decor, and it can be an attractive centre point of the room, not to mention a conversation piece. A heavy, traditional style sofa can be balanced with a glass coffee table that reflects light and add a sense of space.

Finding the Fun in Fine Dining

The traditional dining room was often quite austere in design with dark wood tables, heavy chairs, and matching consoles. Often only used for special occasions, this room was considered the more formal room in the house.

Today’s traditions are less rigid and formal. We want the dining room to be relaxing and inviting, while maintaining a contemporary and stylish aesthetic.

Modern Dining Set

A contemporary dining table and contemporary dining chairs can brighten a dark room. In a formal setting, they add a relaxed touch to the evening while still maintaining a sense of quality and creativity. In a less formal room, they can add a sense of urban sophistication.

Bold and Beguiling Bedrooms

Which room in the house is the most personal, the most private, and the most fun to play with? Let the wilder side of your style explore a modern look with contemporary bedroom furniture.

Modern Bedroom Furniture Calgary

A luxurious executive king bed can be made extra inviting with vibrant accent pillows and a large colourful painting on the wall. And poster beds, whether traditional or modern, can add a sense of luxury to any room.

Just because a bed is contemporary and minimalist in design, doesn’t mean your bedroom can’t be warm and inviting. Consider adding sheepskins, rich coloured throws, and deep pile rugs to contrast a simple frame and turn stark to stylish.

In the Bondars’ showroom, you will find a selection of modern living room furniture to suit the most discerning buyer. If you are unsure whether certain pieces will work together, ask our design associates for help. They are trained to understand how good design works -- and why it matters.

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