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Three Designer Tips to Mix and Match Your Calgary Bedroom Furniture

Three Designer Tips to Mix and Match Your Calgary Bedroom Furniture

A lot of furniture stores in Calgary sell matching bedroom sets that include a bed, a nightstand and a dresser. This may seem appealing because it makes shopping and decorating easy, but sometimes your bedroom may look more like a catalogue than a reflection of your own style.  

At Bondars, we sell modern bedroom furniture that can be mixed to create a look that is unique to your style and easy on the eyes.

We’re sharing three designer tips on how to mix and match your bedroom furniture. These tips will help you create a unique, custom space, instead of typical bedroom sets in Calgary.

1. Feel the Texture

Step up your bedroom furniture by mixing the materials of the furniture. If you have a wooden bed, look for a metal, stone, glass or painted wood nightstand. Try this same concept for choosing a dresser.

The Lindsey Upholstered Bed by Bernhardt is a good example of buying bedroom furniture with added texture. Not only is this bed eye-catching, but it also brings a unique feel into the bedroom set.

bedroom furniture calgary

With this bed, the Aurelia Nightstand brings in another texture with the flat cut walnut veneers and the Champagne finish drawer fronts.

In addition to the bedroom furniture you have in your Calgary home, add texture to your accessories too. An area rug, a mirror or artwork can also add interest to an otherwise matching bedroom.

2. Colour the Rainbow

Have you ever heard of the 60/40 rule? 60 per cent of your room should be your main colour palette and 40 per cent can be your accent colour. This is a good rule especially as you’re designing your bedroom.

The Decorage Upholstered Panel Bed by Bernhardt shows that grey is the main colour for this bedroom. The pops of violet as their accent colour create a stylish and cozy bedroom. This take on modern bedroom furniture is perfect for a home in Calgary.

bedroom sets calgary

3. Find Your Style

A personal style is hard to achieve if you settle on a traditional bedroom set. Instead of having bedroom furniture that is all the same style, mix it up a bit and create some contrast.

If you have a modern bed, try swapping your nightstands for something a little more rustic. If you have a modern dresser that you love and don’t want to part with, switch up your bed for a different style.

When you style your Calgary bedroom furniture your own way, not only will it look personal, it will feel like a reflection of your own style and home.

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This Caracole bed - To Be Veneer You -  is inspired by mother nature and the splendor of natural beauty. The style of the room flows nicely, the nightstands and stools compliment each other, even though they’re two different styles.

This small change creates a new look for the bedroom, one that invites you in.

Ready for a Revamp?

Are you ready to switch your bedroom set for a more unique, personalized bedroom?

Now that you know these three tips for mixing and matching your bedroom sets, we’d love to help!

Bondars is a bedroom furniture store located in Calgary, Alberta and has helped Calgarians choose their dream bedroom furniture pieces for over 60 years. Because of this, we’ve become one of the top destinations for home furnishings in Western Canada.

Whether you want a small refresh or a completely new bedroom, our professional sales associates can help you create the personalized bedroom style of your dreams.

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