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Sofa Colour Schemes For Your Living Room

Sofa Colour Schemes For Your Living Room

Colour can shape our perception of a room. It can alter how we see shape and size and affect how we feel. A dark room can be either warm and comfortable or unwelcoming; a bright room can be light and happy or cool and clinical, depending on the colours chosen.

When decorating your living room, choosing a colour scheme is all about creating balance and ambience. Developing a palette of compatible colours is the first and most important step. The palette should complement, balance or offset colours in the furniture or accents pieces, and since the sofa is usually the largest furniture piece in the living room, choosing the right colour is an important step.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a few tips on sofa colour combinations and living room colour schemes.

Living Room Colour Combinations

Living Room Colour Scheme

Professional designers often use a colour wheel to develop a compatible palette. A good combination should have contrast, complement nearby colours, and evoke the right mood.

A professional design tip is to limit your palette to just three colours, and the trick to finding balance lies in using a colour wheel to discover which ones are analogous, complementary, or monochromatic

When creating a palette, pick one favourite colour from the items in the room. This could be from the sofa, rug, or curtains, for example. From this one colour, a palette is developed that contrasts and complements all colours in the room.

The following suggestions give you an idea of sofa colour schemes that may work in your home.

Earthy Tones of Brown and Cream

Living Room Sofa Colour Theme

A brown, beige and cream palette brings a sense of calm and comfort to a room. Lighter shades of these earthy colours work well with a brown sofa colour scheme. A tan leather sofa colour scheme or camel sofa colour scheme also works with these neutral tones, while a beige sofa contrasts nicely with dark wood flooring or brown carpet.

A Blue, Green and Teal Palette

Blue Sofa Colour Calgary

Blues and greens can be considered cold colours, but this depends on the shade and the affecting colours in the room. Blues can be warm and inviting when matched with warm creams or soft greys. A blue sofa is warm when set against soft grey walls, while a teal sofa against a backdrop of white walls can make a strong statement. Teal also works with complementary grey or contrasting cream or navy.

Shades of Grey

Grey Couch in Calgary

The colour grey can often be underestimated.

Grey is a chameleon-like colour that can appear warm or cool depending on the colour combination. Grey works well with both soft pastels and vibrant warm colours like hot pink, or carnelian red. A grey sofa colour scheme can include a wide range of colours from the wheel, and if you like to change the colour of your walls often, a grey sofa may be a prudent design decision.

If a grey sofa is not for you, consider using grey for the walls to provide a neutral foundation to the colour scheme of a room. Grey provides a backdrop that complements many sofa colour combinations.

And Back to Black

Black Sofa Calgary

Don’t rule out adding black to the palette.

Top designer Mark McCauley suggests adding a bit of black in every room because "the black clarifies the rest of the room's colours.”

A black leather sofa exudes a no-nonsense confidence and style. A black sofa is a strong visual centerpiece that can accommodate a range of styles from casual to formal, modern to retro, traditional to bohemian. Since all colours work with a black sofa scheme, the colour palette will be influenced by the style you choose.

A contemporary or bohemian style will incorporate bright, bold colours. A minimalist approach uses a palette of greys or blues and muted light accent colours, while a traditional design may use teals, greens or maroons. A black sofa contrasts nicely with light wood flooring and furniture in a modern setting, but it also complements traditional dark wood flooring and furniture.

Bring your colour palette down to Bondars, and take advantage of our designers’ knowledge and expertise. We have a large sofa selection and will be happy to help you find the perfect option for your home in Calgary.

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