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Sitting Pretty in Calgary on Counter & Bar Stools

Sitting Pretty in Calgary on Counter & Bar Stools

Breakfast bars, kitchen islands and dining counters are more popular than ever, which means bar and counter stools are essential to many homes. There are different styles of bar and counter stools available, but before you make a decision, there are a few crucial elements to consider.

For example, do you want bar stools or counter stools? How will they be used, and how frequently? What style fits best with your Calgary home? Are there space limitations? And how do you know the height of stool you need?

Answer these questions and you’ll make the right choice when you’re shopping for bar and counter stools. And since first impressions count, let’s start with style.

Starting with Style

Calgary Modern Counter Stools

The three basic categories of design are Traditional, Industrial and Modern. And within these categories you will find a rich variety of styles, colours and materials.

Traditional designs range from pine country farmhouse to shaker to designs inspired by the Gothic or Victorian era. Traditional styles are mostly made from wood and have Windsor backs, French Café backs or no back at all.

The industrial style is all about a raw, unfinished look. It’s about emphasizing the functional aspects of furniture. Industrial design uses strong lines, neutral tones, and wood and metal materials.

Modern styles can be made from industrial style materials such as chrome or steel, but can also be made from wood, plastic or bamboo. Modern design uses simple, elegant lines and can incorporate traditional elements integrated with a contemporary twist. Take a look at the Flaminio bar stool, for example; made with an embossed lacquered steel frame, this modern bar stool works well with an industrial or modern decor.

Look Good in Metal or Wood

Metal Bar Stools

Whether you are looking for a kitchen stool, a swivel barstool, or a breakfast barstool, you will discover a range of woods or metals are used. Many industrial and modern designs use a metal base construction of aluminum, steel, or iron. They also come in a variety of metal finishes such as brushed nickel, brass, copper colour or chrome.

There are many wood types and interesting wood composites used in the construction of bar or counter stools, including wicker, or bent wood. Traditional woods such as oak or pine are given a new twist when paired with metal and crafted into industrial and modern styles. These two diverse, yet wholly complementary materials balance aesthetic and comfort.

Counter Stool Function & Comfort

Calgary Counter Stools

Industrial, traditional or contemporary bar stools can be designed with backs or backless, with or without arms, and with upholstered, leather, metal or wood seats. The style is important, but comfort and durability are equally important. Take a little time to think about your lifestyle before making your decision.

If the bar stools are intended for dinners with friends and family, give your guests a stool with a back and a soft seat so that they can lean back and relax. Upholstered barstools with backs and arms are undoubtedly comfortable, and they come in a wide range of fabrics and patterns. For extra durability choose outdoor fabric that can withstand a few spills and splashes.

If the stools are used for quick snacks, breakfasts, or extra places to perch around the kitchen island, simple bar stools with no back will work well and won’t overwhelm a high traffic area.

And for busy families, counter stools with seats made with a durable, washable surface such as wood, metal, plastic, leather are a sensible choice. But you don’t need to compromise on style. Consider the Toto, a white bar stool with a leather seat and a chrome or black embossed lacquered steel base; it’s both stylish and sensible.

Finding the Right Height and Space

Swivel Bar Stools

Bar stools and counter stools differ slightly in height, so measuring is crucial to selecting the right stool for your Calgary Home. The measurement from the floor to the base of the seat on a counter stool will range from 24 - 37 inches; whereas a bar stool will measure between 28 - 33 inches from the floor to the base of seat.

To get the right height, measure from the floor to the top of the counter or bar, then subtract ten inches from the measurement of the bar or counter. This will give you the approximate height of stool you need. Subtracting ten inches ensures you will have plenty of space to cross your legs. And when you buy a stool, measure from the floor to the bottom of the seat to make sure you have the right height.

Once you have the right height, consider the space around the barstools. How many people can sit comfortably at the bar or counter? A standard design rule is to leave 28 – 30 inches between each stool. This measurement should be taken from the middle of one stool to the middle of the adjacent stool. There should also be a space of 14” between the last stool and the counter edge to give your guests the elbowroom they need to feel at ease.

Calgary Counter Stools

If you are shopping for bar or counter stools in Calgary, a trip to the Bondars showroom is the first place to go for quality and style.

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