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Seven Benefits of a Modular Sectional Sofa

Seven Benefits of a Modular Sectional Sofa

Whether you’re looking for a functional family hang-out space, a man-cave space saver, or a chic addition to your highrise haven, the modular sectional sofa has you covered. The perfect match of comfort, versatility and style, the modular sectional sofa can be customized for you and your home. Read on for seven benefits of choosing a modular sofa.

1. Comfortable & Stylish

Sectionals have always been considered the most comfortable sofa as they allow for reclining, lazing and lounging. The dated perception of modular units being old and frumpy has been kicked to the curb as stylish, versatile, and contemporary modular sectional sofas have hit homes all over Calgary.

Gone are the images of boxy sectional sofas in gaudy floral fabrics, replaced instead by numerous styles of sofas in a variety of colours and materials. Choose between fabric and leather, legs or no legs, reclining design, chaise design and more - the options truly are endless with a sectional sofa, making it a quintessential addition to your family room.

Modular sofa Calgary

The Sunset sectional brings elements of style to modern living rooms.

2. Better Sizing for the Room

For a family, or a couple that likes their own space, a U-shaped large modular sectional sofa showcases a contemporary, yet comfortable look that brings style and substance to a bigger space.

Neval Sectional

Bondar’s Neval sectional is ideal for larger families, or for bringing comfort and warmth to a large living room.

If you’re working with a more compact living room space, there are modular sofas for small spaces too. A simple L-shaped sectional allows for the comfort that a sofa affords, without overwhelming the room.

Modular Sofas in Calgary

The Boss sectional is comfortable, yet compact —ideal for an apartment or a smaller living room. The simple design creates a clean silhouette that won’t easily clash with your current decor. Accent cushions and colourful throws can pull in the room’s current colour palette.

3. Versatility

Did you know, sectionals were invented when an unknown furniture designer decided to attach the ottoman to the sofa and make it one piece?

You can remove some sections for day-to-day use, and even create a sofa bed when needed. When it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy a movie, the ottoman can be used for additional seating, a chaise option, foot rest, or even an ideal spot to put the popcorn. The modular sectional couch is one of the most multi-functional pieces of furniture in the home.

4. Easily change the look of your room

The beauty of modular sectional sofas lies in their adaptability. The entire aesthetic of a room can change simply by altering the sectional layout. In addition, moving the modules of a sectional is much easier than moving a sofa and can be done by a single person.

5. Customization

You’ll often be able to customize your modular sectional sofa at the time of purchase to your exact needs. With some models, for example, the chaise comes either as left facing or right facing. Whatever your style, there’s a modular sofa to suit it.

Which way to chaise?

Determining whether you want the chaise on the right or the left is important before you go shopping, as not all sectionals are available in specific configurations, or can be changed on the fly. As a guide, it’s best to place the chaise on the side with the least amount of traffic.

Modular Sectional

6. Easy to Assemble and Move

When moving, it’s the bigger pieces of furniture, like sofas, that make you want to pull your hair out! With sectionals, the smaller pieces make it easier to maneuver in and out of homes than a full-sized sofa. If you’re downsizing, modular sectional sofas are especially ideal as you can configure the existing sofa into a new arrangement that fits your new space.

7. Replacing Parts is No Problem

Unlike a traditional, one-piece sofa, if one part of a modular sectional sofa is damaged, it’s easier, and more cost effective to replace only that section. In many cases, modular sectional sofas come with removable cushions which can be cleaned or replaced independently of the entire piece.

Purchasing a modular sectional sofa for your home is a big decision. Our free guide, Choosing the Right Sectional, will ensure your purchase fits not only your home’s size and aesthetic, but your family’s needs.

Guide to Choosing the Right Sectional

Decorating 101: Guide to Choosing the Right Sectional

Check out our guide to learn 7 important steps when shopping for a new sectional sofa.

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