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21 Round Coffee Table Styles You’ll Love

21 Round Coffee Table Styles You’ll Love

As far as design is concerned, sofas are often the focal point of a living room. After all, it's likely the most significant piece of furniture in the room, demanding the most prominent visual impact. But there is one item with more aesthetic power than the sofa – the coffee table.

The coffee table is often placed in the middle of a room and your seating arrangement, making it one of the first pieces your eye lands on. Round coffee tables make for excellent centrepieces thanks to the balance they add to a space. A round coffee table can make a living room feel softer by providing a contrast to the straight edges of a living space's couches, windows, shelves, and wall art.

Additionally, they're perfect for maximizing every square inch of your room and creating better traffic flow.

When deciding on a round coffee table for your space, consider the factors outlined below.

Consideration Description
Amount of Available Space Small rooms naturally call for smaller round coffee tables. Still, in general, the ideal distance from the sofa's edge to the edge of the table is 18 inches.
Traffic Flow Allow at least 30 inches between the coffee table and the TV stand or media cabinet. If your room is narrow, you can get away with 24 inches.
Sofa Height About one or two inches below the height of your sofa seat is ideal for a coffee table. Generally, coffee tables are 16 to 18 inches high, but if you have a higher couch, consider a 20 or 21-inch table.
Aesthetic Strike a balance between the rest of your space and coffee table styles. Depending on the patterns, textures, and colours in the space with the coffee table, you will want to balance the room with a complimentary choice. For instance, if you have a streamlined, minimalist couch, choosing a more substantial coffee table is a great way to strike that balance if you have a streamlined, minimalist sofa.

With those considerations in mind, let’s look at some of our favourite choices for round wooden coffee tables in Canada.

Round Wooden Coffee Tables

Wood is one of the most common materials used to construct coffee tables.

The most common types of wood used for coffee tables are:

Your space, aesthetics, and needs will determine which type of round wooden coffee tables will be best.

Round Teak Coffee Table

Round teak coffee table

Calavaras Cocktail Table - Bernhardt

This round wooden coffee table’s rustic style invites warmth into your space thanks to its hand-hewn appearance. With a sliced solid teak wood top that is something we’d describe as a wooden mosaic, this round wood coffee table is perfect for bringing an old-world charm to a modern space that calls for contrast.

Round Oak Coffee Table

Round oak coffee table

Bingham Cocktail Table - Four Hands

An organic-spirited statement piece, this round oak coffee table is an excellent focal point in large-scale spaces. Rustic, character-rich oak forms a base for this distressed iron-topped round coffee table. Mixing metals and wood in one piece creates greater depth and would make for a stunning addition to various styles and aesthetics.

Round Walnut Coffee Table

Round walnut coffee table

Brower Oval Coffee Table - Stickley

Walnut is a timeless choice for many kinds of furniture. This round walnut coffee table is an elegant way to incorporate wood into your living space. Offering you the bonus of a shelf for decor, books, or just put things out of the way when you’re entertaining, you’ll appreciate the classic look of this walnut round coffee table from Stickley.

Round Coffee Table with Storage

Round coffee table with storage

Casa Bella Sunburst Cocktail Table - Century Furniture

Looking for a round coffee table with storage? This coffee table features gunmetal-finish supports and an open shelf at the base for books, decor, or anything else you need to keep out of the way. For those with kids, adding baskets or decorative boxes to the table is a quick way to tidy up when guests arrive.

Marble Coffee Table Round

Marble coffee table round

Concentric Cocktail Table - Caracole

Nothing says glamour like marble and brass. Bring a chic, classic look to your space with this round marble coffee table. The symmetrical beauty of this marble coffee table round makes it ideal for grouping, pairing, or floating in living rooms. Its base, made of bronze angular supports, offers a contemporary interpretation of rustic design.

Small Round Coffee Table

Small round coffee table

One of the Bunch - Caracole

We love the timeless look of this small round coffee table. The top of the table is made of pattern-matched quartered oak and stained in a rich finish. This charming piece combines metal and wood in a pleasing way to add depth and drama to a small space.

Large Round Coffee Table

Large round coffee table

Thomas Cocktail Table - Berhardt

A grand living room calls for a table of an accompanying scale. This large round coffee table is perfect for making a statement. In a rustic, functional, yet fresh style, this Bernhardt coffee table is at once raw and refined. A flint gray finish on Suar wood complements the simple materials on this large round coffee table.

White Round Coffee Table

White round coffee table

Booker Round Cocktail Table - Bernhardt

With a wood-framed gallery top and a detailed solid plank inset panel, this white round coffee table is stylish and functional. A brushed white pine finish gives it a down-to-earth, rustic appeal and would work well in coastal and farmhouse spaces.

Round Black Coffee Table

Round black coffee table

Commerce & Market Arness Cocktail Table - Hooker

Make a dramatic impact with this round black coffee table. This mango wood table offers a large tabletop surface that takes up minimal floor space in a classic drum style. You can serve guests when you’re entertaining with ease, even in smaller areas. A dark finish like this complements a lighter colour palette and natural textures in the space.

Outdoor Round Coffee Table

Outdoor round coffee table

Abbott Indoor/Outdoor Coffee Table - Pottery Barn

Nothing is better than enjoying fair weather in your backyard. The sun, the grill – it’s all about entertaining and kicking back. Add this durable outdoor round coffee table to your patio or deck to give you ample space to set drinks and snacks all season long. The rounded edges are a perfect balance for commonly boxy patio furniture. Concrete and Acacia wood are excellent materials for living outside. Just be sure to store it appropriately through the winter to make sure you can enjoy this outdoor round coffee table for years to come.

Round Ottoman Coffee Table

Round ottoman coffee table

Tufty Sofa Ottoman - Nuevo

Looking for a softer touch? Take a look at this round ottoman coffee table. Offering you a versatile option for both seating and serving, the plush velvet and rich blue tufted ottoman is luxurious and makes a bold statement. Ottomans can be great double-duty pieces, an excellent choice for rooms strapped for space.

Round Glass Coffee Table

Round glass coffee table

Adele Round Cocktail Table - Century

Looking for a light and airy option? This round glass coffee table lets light in, all while providing both a storage shelf and a large tabletop ideal for entertaining. The gold leaf steel legs are delicate and sleek, perfect for tight spaces or contrasting heavier pieces in the room like plush sofas and wooden media consoles.

Round Lift Top Coffee Table

Round lift top coffee table

Dean White and Oak Coffee Table - Crate & Barrel

Hidden storage can be a lifesaver for compact spaces and busy families. This round lift top coffee table is a practical and stylish addition to your living space, allowing you to hide extra blankets, games, or books. Its top is made of a beautiful oak veneer that lifts out in three sections revealing compartmentalized storage underneath. This way, you can keep things organized and out of the way – all while doing it in style.

Metal Round Coffee Table


Metal round coffee table

Commerce & Market Carved Round Cocktail Table - Hooker

Featuring a carved motif around the edges, this metal round coffee table is a unique, eclectic piece that will be a great centre of attention in your living room. The iron base and legs complement the round shape. Metal is a durable material and paired with the long-lasting mango wood, makes for a solid aesthetically pleasing product.

Modern Round Coffee Table

Modern round coffee table

Melange Marin Round Cocktail Table - Hooker

We like this modern round coffee table for its sleek, clean lines. The tumbled white onyx on a pewter metal base is perfect for modern and contemporary spaces. Keep the stone surface safe by using coasters. Prevent stains on stone surfaces by sealing and polishing them regularly. If spills occur, wipe them up immediately to avoid any liquids from seeping in and etching the surface.

Wicker Round Coffee Table

Wicker round coffee table

Bunching Table - Century Furniture

Bring the beach vibes home and try out this rising trend with this wicker round coffee table. Wicker has seen a resurgence as a material alongside bohemian-inspired home decor for the past several years, and is a light, flexible addition to almost any space. In this case, both the style and functionality of this piece are flexible thanks to its size and ability to be paired with several other tables for a “bunched” look. That gives this piece some added versatility, making it a great option for small spaces.

Gold Round Coffee Table

Gold round coffee table

A Star Is Born Cocktail Table - Caracole

Featuring a traditional design infused with character, this gold round coffee table is a stylish addition to your space. An intricate starburst pattern is silkscreened into the glass top, and the gold finish on this timeless silhouette separates it from the rest. Round coffee tables are perfect for complementing curves in a room or adding softness to an angular seating area. This is an excellent choice for a classic, elegant living room.

Round Farmhouse Coffee Table

Round farmhouse coffee table

Knox Cocktail Table - Century Furniture

The rustic simplicity of this round coffee table will complement the ever-popular modern farmhouse aesthetic. While we love this light-washed, vintage finish, Century allows you to customize this particular table, and you can choose from a variety of finishes and colours. We love that you can utilize the bottom shelf for storage or decor or leave it empty for a clean and minimalist look.

Round Pedestal Coffee Table

Round pedestal coffee table

The Anonymous Cocktail Table - Caracole

A round pedestal coffee table adds an elegant flair to any living room, and this statement piece is certainly no exception. This round coffee table features a striking shape and a modern mix of materials, making for an impressive centrepiece while adding layers of texture to your living space. The softness of the brass contrasts beautifully with the vertical linear woodgrain. The table's surface is made of reflective black glass, and its edges are trimmed in brass, giving it a lustrous look.

Low Round Coffee Table

Low round coffee table

Foundations Round Cocktail Table - Bernhardt

For living spaces with low sofas, you don’t want to pair a coffee table that is too tall. Check out an option like this low round coffee table. This washed-out two-tone finish reminds us of the beach and would look great in contemporary spaces and coastal ones alike. Round linen finishes acacia tabletop and wide acacia legs make for a sturdy, stylish round coffee table.

Nesting Round Coffee Table

Nesting round coffee table

Commerce & Market Chatham Nesting Cocktail Tables - Hooker

Check out this super functional, super chic nesting round coffee table set featuring a metal base on both tables. The larger table features a glass top, while the smaller table has a woven top. When you slide the smaller table under the larger, you get a picture frame effect, making a statement regardless of how you place the tables. If you have a small room, nesting tables are the perfect furniture choice for saving space. Their design allows them to be moved around depending on your needs, so you don't have to worry about cluttering your space.


Round coffee tables can be functional, beautiful centrepieces in your living room.

Whether you’re deciding on a wood round coffee table or a metal round coffee table, or another style altogether, Bondars can help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your home. We have a wide selection of round coffee tables from high-quality brands.

You can contact the Bondars design team for help finding the perfect round coffee table for your space.


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