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How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table in Calgary

How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table in Calgary

The coffee table is the final piece of the puzzle for your family or living room.

People tend to think that picking a coffee table is simple, but it’s often that hard-to-find puzzle piece.

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In this article, we discuss different things to consider when shopping for your new coffee table. Keep these tips in mind and your perfect coffee table should fit just right and your living or family room puzzle will be complete!

Decide on the Type


When you begin a puzzle, you normally find the corner pieces first. Deciding what type of coffee table you want is the first step of the puzzle.

There’s a small difference between living room and family room coffee tables. A family room coffee table tends to get more use, while a living room table is more of a centrepiece.

You may want a more formal coffee table in your living room to complement the style and decor you’ve gone with. This would be used more as a decorative and statement piece. A family room coffee table is likely more practical for everyday use and could also feature storage options.

Bondars offers both kinds of coffee tables in our Calgary showroom.

Once you have your “corner piece” picked out, you can move along to the other sections of the puzzle.

Choose the Shape


Once you know what type of coffee table you’re looking for, now consider the shape. The shape of the coffee table is what draws you in. It’s the piece of the puzzle that holds your gaze for a few more seconds and has you thinking “wow, this is a stunning room.”

Do you know what view you want your guests to have when they walk into your living room?

Consider a round coffee table.

The Retrospect Brigid Round Cocktail Table is a great coffee table for a sectional sofa. This quartered radial patterned wood top is paired with a white stone shelf and a metal base.  Round coffee tables fit perfectly in place if you have sharp lines in your room and if you’re trying to soften the space.

Modern coffee tables

If you’re more interested in a square coffee table, what about the Hutchins Cocktail Table?

This modern coffee table has a bleached rustic figured walnut top with tubular steel legs in a Tarnished Nickel finish. This coffee table has adjustable glides which means it will be the right size for any living room. Square coffee tables are great for smaller sofas or loveseats.

Coffee tables calgary

Finally, we have the rectangular coffee table option.

The rectangular coffee table option goes well with long sofas. One of our favourites is the Marsden Rectangle Cocktail Table. This glass coffee table has one fixed shelf made of Olive Ash Burl Veneer and is finished with a stainless steel frame. It creates more space within the living room because of the glass and looks just right between the two sofas.

Modern coffee tables calgary

Height Matters


There are many different heights when it comes to a coffee table. Have you ever been somewhere and the coffee table was just a little off? Whether it was too short or too tall, you just couldn’t seem to find the right spot to put your legs or your glass of wine. We want to remove the possibility of that happening by finding the right height for your new modern coffee table.

If you choose a coffee table that’s the same height or a tiny bit taller than your sofa, you’ll be relaxing in no time. If you are more interested in a laid-back feeling, try a shorter coffee table. If you’re hoping to go taller, pick a modern coffee table that has a smaller diameter to balance the room.

Another way to use your coffee table is by having one on the side of your sofa as an end table. If you’re thinking that this would work for your Calgary home, consider a coffee table set with different heights. It adds a flare to the room and can be used as a centrepiece.

The Yours, Mine and Ours Nesting Tables are a great example of this. These oval pieces with thin metal edges are elegantly finished in three metals. A brushed gold, a brushed nickel and a brushed blush come together making a unique statement.

Glass coffee table

Think Functionality


Another important factor is to know what the coffee table will be used for. We mentioned this at the beginning, so let’s dive a little deeper. Will the table be more decorative? Or will it provide storage? How much storage will be enough for your living room? Is this the space for after-dinner board games?

Many coffee tables at Bondars in Calgary come with shelves and drawers. This is the perfect place to keep coffee table books, puzzle boxes, cozy blankets or pillows.

One of the best coffee tables with storage is the Illusion Cocktail Table. This modern coffee table has one drawer with undermount self-closing drawer guides. It features a dark mocha metal base and multilaminar wood veneers and gemelina solids.

Metal coffee table

We love this coffee table with storage because it’s all hidden! You don’t have to clutter your living room with those little odds and ends. Simple store them in your Illusion Cocktail Table.

If you like the look of coffee tables with noticeable storage space, what about the One For The Books Cocktail Table.

This square coffee table is both eye-catching and functional. The bottom shelf is perfect for placing your favourite coffee table books, and it could even fit a basket or two of living room essentials.

Metal coffee table

The softly rounded corners create an inviting look while remaining a modern coffee table.  

Find the Right Material


This is the final step in finding the right coffee table for your home. You’re nearly done the puzzle. Think about the style of your living room and consider which type of surface will work best.

If you don’t like using coasters, don’t pick a coffee table made of wood that requires a coaster.

Choose a material that will not only complement your living room furniture but will also work with the needs you have.

A glass coffee table works great for a contemporary and elegant home. This type of coffee table is most likely used in a living room where there aren’t young kids or pets who could leave smudges or pet hair on the glass.  

The Miramont Round Metal Cocktail Table is a sophisticated glass coffee table. It features a plated tubular steel base with a glass top with polished edges. It’s clean, crisp and a perfect spot  to place a glass of wine or bottle of bubbly.

 Round coffee table

A metal coffee table is ideal for a family room that gets a lot of use. Consider how often things are placed onto the coffee table and picked up off the coffee table. Metal tends to be more durable and tough. Just what you need with a lot of family action taking place in the room.

The Ivy Cocktail Table available at Bondars is a coffee table that deserves a standing ovation. It features a metal base, a dark oil rubbed bronze colour base with white quartz and clear acrylic top. The clear section on top sits above the quartz creating a two-tiered look.

Coffee table in calgary

However, at Bondars we have many different metal coffee tables available in contemporary and modern styles. These pieces can also be showcased as the centrepiece for any living or family room.

We have round metal coffee tables, rectangular metal coffee tables, glass top coffee tables in a variety of shapes, coffee tables with added storage and many more options for your space.  When you shop at Bondars, let us know what you’re considering and we’ll work together to find the perfect coffee table for your living or family room.

We’re here to help you find the last puzzle piece for your nearly completed living room. And, we know nothing feels better than finding the final piece and stepping back and looking at the finished puzzle.

Start by looking at what coffee tables we have available online and then come into our Calgary showroom to start shopping.

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