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Motion Furniture in Calgary – Power vs Manual Recliners

Motion Furniture in Calgary – Power vs Manual Recliners

Motion furniture— sofas, chairs or loveseats that contain mechanisms that perform a specific movement such as lifting, tilting and reclining are incredibly popular pieces of furniture in Calgary homes. In fact, the recliner is the most sought after place to lounge, and for good reason - studies have shown that those who suffer from the pain and discomfort of swollen joints and feet due to poor circulation can find great relief in reclining at the end of the day.

One of the big decisions when choosing a recliner is whether to opt for a power recliner or a manual recliner. A power recliner uses a motor, or series of motors, operated by push buttons built into the motion chair or a remote control to adjust and recline the furniture into a comfortable position. A manual recliner uses a release lever and the weight and motion of your body to change the position of the chair, often with very little effort needed.

In this article, we’ll dive into the unique pros and cons so you can make an informed decision when the time comes to buy that new piece of motion furniture.

Room Layout

Motion Furniture Set

Something that should be taken into consideration when choosing a motion reclining sofa is the amount of space available in the room. If you’re considering a reclining furniture piece that will be used regularly, the size of the item at full recline should not be overlooked. When measuring a motion couch or chair, it’s recommended that you allow at least four inches between the furniture and the wall behind it, however it may be more or less depending on the style and model you choose. Leave sufficient space in front of the reclining sofa for the footrest to pop up without bumping up against a coffee table.

Power motion couches and chairs have a lot of benefits, but they might require access to electricity, making it difficult to place these pieces in the centre of a room. If it’s important that your power motion recliner is placed away from a wall, look for models that have cordless, rechargeable battery units instead of plug-ins. Be aware, however, that the batteries will have to be charged regularly.

Comfort Options


Power reclining sofas allow you to enjoy the appearance of a traditional couch but with the comfort of a recliner at the touch of a button. Power furniture provides more options than manual recliners because the individual parts - such as the headrest and footrest of power motion sectionals can be adjusted separately from each other. In some models, the seat of the chair can be tilted forward to help users with mobility issues stand up.

Manual reclining sofas offer a limited number of positions with the headrest and footrest operating as a single unit. Some higher-end manual models offer more features, with the headrest and footrest operating independently and locking at different positions.

Motion Recliner

The M9 Motion Chair, available in a variety of leathers and ultrasuede, is a modern statement piece with a high density foam back, square lines & a soft wrap detail on the arm.



Motion sectional sofas tend to be large, so be sure to measure the hall or doorway that the furniture has to pass through. Doing this before you make your purchase can save you the unnecessary frustration and headaches of discovering the furniture won't fit in your home.

Power motion couches are also much heavier than manual recliners. Take this into consideration if you’ll be moving it around the house or going up and down stairs. Manual recliners are much lighter because they do not have the added weight of the mechanical components.

Motion Recliner Chair




Power motion sectional sofas and chairs are ideal for elderly individuals, those with disabilities or anyone else who might have difficulty operating the lever of a manual recliner or closing footrest which uses a significant amount of leg strength.

Manual recliners are not difficult to operate - however, many times people purchase a power motion recliner sofa or chair for the simplicity and ease of use.

Power recliners also offer a very smooth back and forth reclining experience, but it’s slower than a manual reclining sofa or chair. It might not be as easy to jump up from your chair, as you have to wait for the power mechanism to do its job and put the footrest back in place! The manual recliner has a faster but more abrupt reclining and closing motion..

Motion Sectional

The M9 Motion two piece sofa with polished steel legs is available in many configurations and has adjusting articulating headrests.



Due to electrical operation, there is often less wear and tear on power recliners so they tend to have a longer lifespan than manual motion chairs. On the other hand, power motion furniture have more components that could possibly break, and a broken motor can be costly to repair. The reclining features of the chair will be rendered useless until the components are fixed or replaced, which is a problem that does not affect the manual motion chairs.

Manual recliners, operating with a simple internal mechanism, are less likely to need maintenance or repairs, and if they do, will be far less expensive. With the constant use of the lever however there is more wear and tear, therefore their lifespan is generally shorter than that of power motion sofas.

Durability and Cost


Purchasing a motion reclining sofa is an investment. On average you can expect it to last about 10 years with regular use. Most recliners are constructed with a strong framework - made of pine, oak, steel or even plastic. They are built to withstand considerable weight and constant use.

Set out with a budget in mind when you are shopping for a motion recliner, and consider that a top quality, motion recliner at the higher end of your budget is going to last significantly longer. Most manufacturers will stand behind their product and cover the electric motor and parts under warranty.

Power motion couches or chairs typically have a higher price point than manual recliners because they cost more to produce. Expect to pay an average of 30 per cent more than manual recliners which have fewer expensive components.

The power reclining chair and manual motion chair each have advantages and disadvantages. The choice you make comes down to a number of factors. While power motion sectional sofas and chairs are undoubtedly a more luxurious option, manual recliners are still very comfortable chairs. In addition, manual recliners have no electric circuiting and mechanisms so they are available in many simple and elegant designs. Weighing all of the options plus your budget and comfort requirements will help you arrive at a well-informed decision.

Motion Couch Recliner

This M4 Motion Sectional with adjustable articulating headrests boasts a contemporary presence with its polished chrome power details and onyx and walnut finish.

Whether you’re looking for power motion furniture, or manual recliners in Calgary, Bondars has a variety of options to fit your home and lifestyle. Visit our showroom and let our design experts help you find that perfect piece of motion furniture to relax and enjoy!

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