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Modern Wood Furniture for a Contemporary Interior

Modern Wood Furniture for a Contemporary Interior

Modern wood furniture is sleek and sophisticated and comes in a range of hard or soft woods.

Bondars has a range of contemporary wood furniture to suit all tastes. In our showroom, you will find slim-line styles and elegant designs that combine glass, steel, or brushed chrome with wood. The contrast between materials helps highlight the natural wood patterns and enhance its natural beauty.

Consider the Streamline dining table - a perfect example of how wood can bridge contemporary and traditional styles. Made from Asian hardwood, the exotic eucalyptus tabletop provides an elegant and traditional wood surface, while the chrome legs add an innovative design element. The rich wood contrasts perfectly with the industrial style of legs.

Wood Furniture Calgary

Wood Furniture: Different Styles and Types

At Bondars, we stock a range of domestic and imported hardwoods such as gum, birch, maple and bamboo. Reclaimed or distressed wood is a popular choice that also adds an eclectic look to contemporary wood furniture. Modern wood furniture adds warmth to a minimalist décor, especially when it’s made from rich hardwoods such as walnut or oak.

Modern Wood Coffee Table

Contemporary Walnut Furniture

Walnut is beautifully refined and durable, making it a popular choice among furniture makers and designers.

Available in a variety of light to deep brown shades, the beautiful rich hues need only light varnish to highlight the lines and patterns of the grain. Walnut stands the test of time well, and the density of the wood ensures it doesn’t shrink or swell easily, which means it is less likely to split, warp or bend out of shape.

Modern Oak Furniture

Oak is a versatile wood available in classic or contemporary furniture designs. The deep grain is beautifully accentuated with a stain. The wood is strong and durable and highly resistant to surface stains and scratches. Oak furniture ages well and the beauty of the wood only becomes richer with time. Oak can be traditional or trendy and the incredible durability means it’s a great choice for wardrobes, bookshelves and beds.

Whether you prefer walnut, oak or exotic hardwood, the clean lines of modern wood furniture designs bring a sense of sophistication to any room. The Strada collection at Bondars showcases some of the finest, real wood furniture in Calgary. The simple lines highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain and colour. This versatile bedroom furniture set brings warmth to a contemporary setting and light to a traditional setting.

Modern Wood Furniture Calgary

Simply Stunning Wood Furniture

Contemporary wood furniture features original, one-of-a-kind designs for your home. Take a look at the Salvador wardrobe; this design will add a wow factor to your home. The dark flaky oak finish contrasts nicely with the light oak coloured carved doors. This timeless piece will look good in any room.

Contemporary Wood Furniture

At Bondars, we feature quality and contemporary wood furniture designs perfect for your upscale home. Visit our showroom and meet with one of our design specialists the range of quality wood furniture on display.

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