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High Point Market April 2018

High Point Market April 2018

High Point Market (#HPMKT or simply Market) in North Carolina is the world’s largest home furnishings trade show, with thousands of exhibitors throughout hundreds of buildings. It’s a trade show that feels like it’s own entire city.

This must-attend industry event is every 6 months, and Bondars attends every time. The days are long with thousands of furniture lines, and only 5 days to cover it all. In this post, we’ll share the reasons why we make the long trip down to NC twice a year for this incredible event.

The High Point Market Experience

The Market is a full week of exciting, busy days with over 75,000 attendees and 100+ different countries being represented. The experience offers a huge mix of education, inspiration and networking components. But most of all, it’s about new product discovery with tens of thousands of new product introductions each Market.

Why Bondars Attends #HPMKT

As a Calgary furniture store for over 60 years, our customers rely on us to have the latest and greatest in home furnishings. Similar to the fashion industry, we order all of our products months in advance, and High Point Market is the main event where we get the opportunity to hunt around and discover the best products to bring in to our store.  

Looking at product catalogues isn’t good enough when making large orders, as we need to actually see and feel the products. With over 2000 exhibitors spread out across 11.5 million square feet of showspace, viewing all of the new products at Market is no minor task.

You can find just about all serious retail home furnishings buyers, interior designers, and furniture design & manufacturing companies at the High Point Market twice a year. If you can’t find it at High Point Market, it probably doesn’t exist.

Biggest Takeaways from Market

There’s a lot jam packed into Market week, but what are the main reasons for our Calgary furniture store to attend?

Buying Smarter

A priority for Bondars is finding the best way to get products on our floor for the best possible price to the customer. This takes relationship building, negotiating and often times buying bulk orders to get the price down. Our efforts here are directly reflected in the value Bondars customers have been enjoying for 6 decades.


High Point Market is all about networking, with the opportunity to meet with retailers, designers and manufacturers from North America and beyond.

Speaking with the heads of industry leading companies helps Bondars stay ahead of the curve and is necessary in order to stay current and help clarify the overall direction of our business. They also provide valuable insights into upcoming trends, industry happenings, and leadership advice for improving our Calgary furniture store.

What We’re Most Excited About

If we had to choose one thing we’re most excited about in 2018, it’s the new home furniture collections coming from Bernhardt Furniture Company, one of the largest family-owned global furniture manufacturers.

The Danish lifestyle trend "hygge" has had a huge surge in popularity, with people searching for cozy looks and minimal fuss. Bernhardt's new bedroom pieces showcase Scandinavian classic design with a unique spin with a hand-crafted knit bed and sweater patterned form in the bedside chest. It's a clean-but-cozy look that has a huge visual impact, perfect for modern lifestyles.

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