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Guide to Measuring Your Home for a Sectional in Calgary

Guide to Measuring Your Home for a Sectional in Calgary

It’s no secret that sectional couches are one of the most popular furniture items in Calgary.

They’re a great option for your living room because they maximize seating, and can make your space look amazing. However, one thing that many people don’t realize is that purchasing a new sectional takes a lot of planning.

When shopping for a new sectional sofa in Calgary, there are many things to consider such as:

Here’s the thing, you can’t simply walk into a furniture store and walk out with the first sectional that catches your eye. This is a big investment, and proper planning is required to ensure you get the perfect piece for your space.

To make sure you have gathered all the information needed before going to the store, here are 5 tips on measuring your home for the perfect sectional sofa.

Plan your space

This is when you decide where your sectional is going to go in your home.

sectionals calgary

Many modern sectionals in Calgary are asymmetrical, which means they can be put together several different ways. Figuring out how you’d like your couch to be placed in your room will help you determine the shape, size and style of your new sectional sofa.

It’s important to consider the other furniture and elements in the room, as you don’t want the new piece to overpower everything else and make things feel crowded.

Start sketching

One really great way to imagine a new sectional couch in your home is to sketch it out on a piece of paper. Having a piece of paper with your living room’s floor plan and where you’re hoping to place the new addition also helps the salesperson during the buying process.

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You can sketch the different sectional shapes that you like whether it’s a contemporary or modern sectional. This will help you keep track of how pieces work together and if one shape is better than another.

Measure your space

There are a couple of measurements you need to take before shopping for your new sectional sofa from a Calgary furniture store. Not only does your sofa need to fit through your house, it also needs to have enough room in your designated sofa spot to breathe. No one likes a couch that looks too big or too small for the space.

 contemporary sectionals calgary

Take these essential measurements:

Measure your ideal sectional

We have a large inventory of sectionals available at our Calgary furniture store. When you walk into Bondars, you will see modern sectional sofas, contemporary & classic styles, grey, white and several other colour options and fabric variations.

modern sectionals calgary

Once you fall in love with a sectional, it’s time to measure it.. It’s important to complete step #3 before this so that you’ll know which sectional will fit in your home.

Take these essential measurements:

Once you take the measurements, compare with the measurements of your living space and see if it’s a match. If it’s a match, carry on to tip #5.

Mark the area

Now that you know your ideal sectional and have the measurements, it’s time to tape. Use masking or painters tape to mark the exact area where your ideal sectional that you just found will sit.

grey sectionals calgary

This will give you a great visual idea to see how much space your sectional sofa will take up and how it will work with the flow of the room.

Once you’ve taped the space, it’s time to head back to Bondars to buy your new sectional.

Bonus Tip

We know people love to switch things up sometimes. You may want to change your room layout one day, so before you buy, plan for multiple different sectional location options.

This will ensure that the size and shape will still fit if you change your mind on your room’s layout.

Start Searching

With these five tips in mind, it’s time to start shopping.

Bring your ideas and sketches with you when you come to Bondars. We have many different sectionals to choose from and designers who can help you find the best options for your space. Whether you’re more into modern sectional sofas, contemporary couches, grey sectional sofas or colourful sectionals, we know our Calgary store will have just what you’re looking for.

To start your search while you’re at home, check out all our sectional sofas available right now online.

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