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Furniture Stores Calgary – What to Look For

Furniture Stores Calgary – What to Look For

There are dozens of home furniture stores in Calgary — a quick Google search will confirm it! To visit them all looking for the perfect furniture for your home would keep you busy every weekend for several months. To help narrow down the best furniture stores in Calgary, we've pulled together a list of the seven top things to take into consideration when furniture shopping.


The most important factor of a fine furniture store in Calgary is the selection available. You are unique and so is your home. Whether your style is country-chic, classic and traditional, or contemporary craftsman, there should be a large enough selection of home furnishings that reflect a variety of lifestyles and backgrounds.

By going with a furniture store offering an expansive selection, you are more likely to find the perfect table, sectional or bedroom set — or even all three! Don’t limit yourself to a furniture store with a small selection.


Calgary Bedroom Furniture

Quality furniture can last years of heavy use and is worth the investment. You’ll likely end up spending less over time as true quality items can last a lifetime and maintain their value.

The best furniture stores in Calgary will stock high quality, well-built items that are made to withstand years of wear and tear. While two items can look very similar to the naked eye, once you get close and really look at how they have been built—especially heavy use items such as dining tables, living room couches and beds—the differences will become apparent. When visiting furniture showrooms in Calgary, don’t be afraid to touch, try, lift and get cosy with the furniture as this is one way you can see the quality. For example, furniture made of solid wood—as opposed to imitations such as veneer covered particle board—will be heavy.

Price Range

Everybody has different budgets when it comes to buying furniture.

When researching furniture stores in Calgary, look for stores that stock quality furniture at a price that reflects the craftsmanship and materials that have been put into it. Remember, furniture is an investment and quality furniture can last generations.

The best furniture stores in Calgary will have a good combination of luxury, modern furniture for higher end budgets and quality day-to-day pieces for any family home.

Expert Staff

Finding your own unique design style can be intimidating for some people, a furniture store with exceptional and experienced design staff can give you advice on home furnishings for every room in your house. The first piece of advice for finding your own design style is to find some inspiration. Go online and research what colours, trends and styles speak to you to help define your own personal design style. Take your inspiration shopping with you. Staff at a good furniture store can pick items for your house just from the design inspiration you’re drawn to.

Bondars has a team of in-house designers, here to help you choose furniture that will set the design tone for your home, or complement your existing style. We treat you as an individual, with a unique sense of style and very specific needs.

Delivery Service

Calgary furniture

When you shop at big-box retailers, you can’t always count on reliable delivery. Pay special attention to Calgary furniture store reviews on their delivery service - as this is an easily overlooked but important factor. Were they professional, friendly, and on time?

Also, ask if the company offers installation in addition to delivery. This is especially helpful for larger items such as sectional sofas, wardrobes or beds.


Sometimes you find the perfect addition to your home but it’s just a little out of your budget. But that doesn’t have to stop you from taking it home!

The best furniture stores in Calgary offer furniture financing so you can take your furniture home today and take your time to pay. Bondars has an Easy Purchase Plan allowing you to enjoy your furniture for 6-months before making any payments, and you’ll pay no interest if the balance is paid in full within 6-months.

Family Owned and Operated

Bondars - Calgary furniture store since 1959

What makes a family owned and operated furniture store superior to the big-box retailers? They truly care about their customers. Customers are the reason for their success and they know and understand their customers with a deep understanding of the city they live in.

Bondar’s was established over 60 years ago by Sam Bondar, and has been a family operated business ever since. The 33,000 ft showroom in Calgary is currently owned by his son and granddaughter, and they look forward to welcoming you in your quest to find the best furniture store in Calgary.

Furniture shopping should be fun! Do some online research for the best furniture stores in Calgary before heading out can save you significant time and headaches! Create a shortlist of those that are most likely to have a large selection of top-quality pieces that work within your budget. Some stores also showcase many of their items online, so you might even find the perfect addition to your home before setting foot in the showroom. Finally, don’t forget to look for customer feedback and reviews online as this can help to determine which companies have the best customer service. Happy shopping!



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