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Enhance Your Space with a Console Table

Enhance Your Space with a Console Table

The console table is one of the most underestimated furniture pieces.

Console tables can add the finishing touch to a bedroom, living room or family room. But they’re more than decorative additions; they add extra storage, flat surfaces, and display areas to various rooms in your home.

The long console table design was first introduced to aristocratic homes during the late 17th century. The popularity has steadily grown as styles and sizes have been designed to suit the tastes and requirements of modern homes.

Read more to learn how you can enhance just about every room in your Calgary home with a well-placed console table.

Comfort and Convenience in the Living Room

The console table can be used in your living room as both a utilitarian and decorative piece. Consider the Santiago - when this stylish, console table is placed under a painting, it turns a blank wall into a visual feature. Behind a sofa, the console table provides a space for extra lighting and storage for books or baskets, and when placed under a window, it provides the perfect spot for all kinds of decorative items from picture frames to sculptures.

In the family room, many people mount their TV on the wall, leaving an empty space below. Placing a console table underneath the television can enhance this space and provide a convenient place for the remote.

Calgary Console Table

A console table can be used to designate a special area for musical instruments or to display a collection, while a console table with a lamp beside a comfortable chair creates a special nook for reading.

And it’s not just a useful addition to the living room, a console table can be used in a variety of ways for every room.

Extra Elegance in the Hallway

The console table is also known as the hallway table or the entrance table; regardless, it’s a popular place for throwing your keys and by adding a decorative bowl or box, the hallway console table becomes a useful feature in your home. Consider placing a mirror above the console table to expand the sense of space and provide a last minute look-over spot before leaving the house.

Hallway Console Table

A narrow console table is an excellent addition to hallways or tight spaces. If the upstairs hallway has small spaces or awkward corners that are difficult to furnish, add a little extra elegance with a thin console table that is bold in design such as the Westin. This will enhance a small, boring space.

Space and Style in the Dining Room

Dining room console tableA console table in the dining room can function as a sideboard for serving a meal or for creating a bar area.

If your dining room décor is neutral in design, a console table can add a creative touch. A bold, black or white console table can take the room in a modern direction. A mirrored console table may add a touch of European panache, while a simple wood option can add a sense of warmth or understated luxury, depending on the design. And if you’re wondering where to put your extra dining room chairs, simply place them on either side of the console table; this storage solution also adds a sense of symmetry to the room.

Bedroom Storage

Complete your bedroom with a modern console table and gain extra storage. A console table with a low shelf provides a space for attractive wicker baskets and provides extra storage for linens. A console table with drawers and a mirror above it becomes a useful dressing table.

Other Rooms

Console tables can also be great additions to home offices. In the study, they can display a lamp, books, and a charging station for your phone, keeping your desk free of extra clutter.

Modern Console Table

If you are looking for a console table, come into the Bondars showroom and discuss your needs with our design staff. Their knowledge and experience can help you make the right choice.

Guide to Shopping for a Dining Room Table

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