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Eight Benefits of Investing in Luxury Furniture

Eight Benefits of Investing in Luxury Furniture

Furnishing your Calgary home is a big investment. Take the time to select the right styles and brands, and fight the urge to spend your budget outfitting your home in one go. Pace yourself so you can choose high-end luxury furniture pieces that are timeless and multipurpose. We have eight very good reasons why you should invest in well-crafted and high-quality furniture.

1. Furniture That Will Last a Lifetime

There’s a world of difference between high-quality furniture items and less expensive pieces. Kitchen tables for example have to withstand breakfasts, homework, crafting and colouring and much more. A luxury table will last years of heavy use, whereas a table—made from lower quality materials such as particle board—might only last a couple of years before it needs to be replaced. You will probably end up spending more money over time whereas higher quality pieces can withstand more wear and tear. True quality items can last a lifetime like modern luxury bedroom sets.

Calgary Luxury Bed Set

The elegant Soliloquy king bed with two nightstands is made from Limerick oak, a very durable wood that will last many years.

2. Be Unique

Consumers value uniqueness, and custom designed furniture often comes in limited quantities. If you invest in an art-inspired luxury coffee table—like the Adora cocktail table—you can be confident that very few Calgary living rooms will be showcasing the same item! Unique items allow your personal style to shine through.

Adora Cocktail Table

The Adora luxury wood table is constructed from fumed Eucalyptus with no stain applied, and trimmed in Anigre wood creating a beautiful contrast.

Unique furniture design pieces can help homeowners transform their living space to reflect their own style and tastes. Take your time to source unique furniture pieces you love and they’ll hold sentimental value and become beloved pieces that you hold onto for many years.

3. Luxury Comes in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

One of the greatest advantages of shopping for luxury furniture items is that they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Take the Fowler Etagere shelving unit, it’s a unique, statement furniture piece that can become the focal point of any room.

Modern Shelving

The Fowler Etagere shelving unit comes with a hammered tubular steel base, blackened aged iron finish, and five tempered glass shelves.

4. Quality Over Quantity

When you choose high-end furniture that you love and it brings the rooms in your house together - it shows. Not only does the furniture look impressive, it feels like it’s made from high-end materials, and in some cases (as with genuine leather furniture) you can even smell the quality.

Luxury furniture exudes opulence, so if guests are a regular occurrence in your home they are going to take notice. A beautifully designed luxury dining table, for example, will pay off over time as it becomes a central feature in your home, with guests and family members alike enjoying it.

Luxury Dining Table

The Omni luxury dining table is the definition of luxury. Made from maple solids and cluster maple veneers, with two 22" aproned leaves it extends to 122" wide making it ideal for entertaining guests.

5. Your Health and Body In Mind

Luxury furniture is made with ergonomics in mind. Special consideration is given to how the use of the furniture impacts your body. Furniture regularly used for any significant amount of time—like an office chair—can have an impact on your health. A chair that does not provide proper support can cause back, neck and hip pain so if you’re planning to spend any length of time using a specific furniture piece, make the investment for a properly constructed item.

6. Investing In Furniture to Suit Your Lifestyle

If you have a big, or growing family, opting for a top quality sofa in your modern living room can not only create a focal point in the room, but will help build decades of family memories. Luxury sectional sofas are comfortable and supportive, and when you make the one-time purchase, you’ll also be making a long-term investment in functionality and purpose.

7. Quality Outlives Trends

Top quality furniture pieces will outlive current trends as those items can take months to manufacture, so designers tend to stay away from bizarre trends that might be out of style before it’s even been completed. Leather furniture, for example, has been adorning homes for hundreds of years, and is seen as high-end and high quality.

Modern Luxury Sofa

The M9 Motion luxury white sofa with its polished steel legs comes in a variety of leather fabrics.

8. Luxury Furniture Retains its Value

If you’re wondering whether that luxury accent chair is worth the splurge, then consider this: if you ever want to sell it, you could expect a strong percentage of your money back with quality resale trends rapidly growing, whereas less expensive furniture might only get you pennies on the dollar in return.

High End Furniture

As long as you take care of your furniture, like this luxury chair ‘Juliet’, it’s worth spending the extra dollars as you’d likely get a large chunk of it back should you decide to sell it down the road.

When it comes time to purchase furniture, choose high-quality luxury furniture that suits your taste and budget.

Bondars is a quality furniture store in Calgary that carries a wide-range of high-end furniture pieces for the modern home. Visit our showroom to find unique pieces that reflect your personal style, selecting from top quality craftsmanship that will last decades.

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