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Reclining Furniture Shopping: What to Look For

Reclining Furniture Shopping: What to Look For

Are you thinking of buying a reclining sectional or chair for your living room?

We all know that every detail matters when purchasing furniture for your home. We want you to help you find the best quality motion furniture to fit your space.

So, bring this checklist when you come into Bondars in Calgary to shop for your reclining sectional, sofa or chair.

Before You Go

Before you head out the door to shop new recliner chairs for your home, it’s important to consider a few things, including:

There’s nothing worse than bringing home a new piece of furniture that doesn’t match, or isn’t the right size for the space.

Consider The Frame

The frame on reclining furniture should not wobble or creak. It should be sturdy to last the test of time and the frame should sit square to the floor.

If it doesn’t do this, your reclining sofa or reclining chairs are not built properly. Reclining furniture is built with a strong framework to withstand considerable weight and to last over many years of use. These frames are commonly made of wood, steel or even durable plastic.

The M4 Motion Sectional is a great example of a frame built to last. This Canadian made piece is polished with chrome power details and has adjustable articulating headrests.

This beautiful, modern reclining sofa can be added with another loveseat to create a sectional.

Colour and Upholstery

When you’re looking at the reclining sofas in Calgary furniture stores, consider the colour or upholstery you’re after.

A leather motion chair will work beautifully in a living space or study. Leather upholstery is quite durable and tends to look better with age.

Consider the Nicoletta Rec Chair. This stunning leather chair is available in a variety of leathers and it features a motion button.

If you’d prefer a fabric upholstered piece, take a moment to consider these durable options:




The Canadian made, M9 Motion Chair is a reclining chair in our Calgary showroom. It has square lines and a soft wrap detail on the arm. It’s a modern statement piece while still including a motion option.

This chair is available in a number of ultrasuede fabric options.

Size and Location

The last major thing to consider when buying a reclining sectional in Calgary is the size of the piece and where you’re going to be putting it.

We mention knowing the measurements of your space at the beginning of this article. It’s so important to know the size and placement available before you fall in love with an extra-large furniture piece that won’t fit in your Calgary home.

Reclining sectionals and chairs tend to be on the large side and may not fit through small doorways or narrow halls and staircases. Measuring every space your new sofa will go through in your home will save you a headache when trying move the new furniture in.

We recommend allowing at least five inches between a standard reclining sofa or chair and the wall behind it. This will allow for you to recline peacefully without putting a mark on the wall.

Also, be sure to leave enough space in front of your recliner for the footrest to pop up without hitting a coffee table!

Relax and Recline

We know you’re excited to find the perfect reclining furniture, and at Bondars we have a large variety of styles with leather or fabric upholstery.

Begin by browsing our selection of motion furniture and then come visit our showroom. When you come in, bring your measurements and one of our qualified furniture specialists will help you find the perfect reclining sofa and chairs.

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