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Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas

As the poet Hazrat Inayat Khan once sagely said, “some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.” Your bedroom is where you start and finish your day. It should be beautiful and serene. At Bondars, we strive to provide Calgary bedroom furniture that lets you create the bedroom of your dreams.

Modern bedroom furniture is often designed with form or function in mind. At Bondars, we offer our customers both, and this is why we stock a diverse range of traditional and contemporary bedroom sets that include stylish bedroom storage solutions.

Our quality bedroom furniture sets come in a variety of wood constructions, designs, and uniquely stylish finishes. Each piece helps keep the floor clear of clutter and your bedroom looking showroom ready.

Bedroom Furniture

Choose a Quality Dresser

When you’re dresser shopping, there are a few important details to consider to ensure you buy a quality dresser that will stand the test of time and meet your storage needs. The number and depth of drawers is essential when storage is top-of-mind. Wood-on-wood glides and a center-rail support let the drawers slide in and out easily; dovetail joints on the corner of drawers are stronger than glue or nails, and of course, the type of wood it is made from is equally important when it comes to quality, style, and strength.

Classic or Contemporary?

Calgary Bedroom Furniture

We understand that everyone is unique, and we stock a range of bedroom dressers to suit all styles and tastes. Whichever style works for your home, you don’t need to compromise on style for functionality and storage. Calgary is home to a diverse culture of people with a broad spectrum of interests, styles, and professions. Our customers want the choice every world-class city should offer, and that’s exactly what they will find in our showroom. Each piece is carefully selected to reflect quality, taste, and timeless elegance.

For a contemporary look, consider the Montecarlo 3 Drawer Dresser, a popular choice for customers who prefer an urban style. The stainless steel detail and Koto high gloss finish provide a sleek, sophisticated addition to the bedroom.

Whatever choice reflects your style, you can rest easy knowing your dresser is made with quality, and your socks, smalls, and sweaters can be put in their place, giving you extra space.

When You Want More than a Chest of Drawers

While function is important, sometimes we also want the form to be something a little special. If you are looking for storage that gives your bedroom a glamorous touch, the La-Dee-Dah Dresser might be the one for you. The beveled antique mirror faces the drawers, doors, and ends to reflect light and provide a polished, upscale finish to your room.

Calgary Dresser

Or, why not bring a touch of European flair to Calgary with the Italian Dressing Chest. The chic silk-screened trellis pattern on the drawers and the platinum interior make this furniture piece a cosmopolitan feature, and the slide out jewelry tray and self-closing top drawers make getting dressed in the morning a pleasure instead of a chore.

Chest of Drawers Calgary

A Stylish Space for Sweaters and Extras

Do you need storage for extra bedding or winter sweaters? Consider the Extrav-Agate Chest in brushed gold and wedding dress white with adjustable shelves and agate printed acrylic doors. This handcrafted cabinet with a brushed steel frame looks good in the dining room or living room, but in your bedroom, it provides extra storage with sophisticated elegance.

Bedroom Storage

If you need storage ideas for the bedroom, why not pop into Bondars showroom in Calgary where our professional design staff are on hand to discuss your needs, and show you a range of bedroom furniture sets and individual pieces that will brighten your room -- and your morning.

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Guide to Shopping for the Perfect Bed

How to Shop for the Perfect Bed

A bed frame is more than a home for your mattress - it’s the focal point of your bedroom and the piece that ties the room together. Check out our How To Shop Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the perfect bed for your bedroom.

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