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Top High-End Furniture Brands: Design, Quality, Luxury and More

Top High-End Furniture Brands: Design, Quality, Luxury and More

You’ve had the same home decor for years, are you ready to try something new? If you’re searching for a new style for your living space, then statement pieces from top furniture brands are definitely the way to go.

Perhaps you fancy the patterned, free-spirited bohemian style for your lounge and bedroom? Or a calming palette of nudes and soft, linen-like textures? Maybe you’ve jumped on the sage green bandwagon...what is it about green at the moment?

Regardless of your style, choosing top furniture brands will give you a timeless look with quality furniture that will last for years to come.

In this post, we’ll point you to the best brands for different types of furniture.

What Sets Furniture Brands Apart?

When it comes to buying quality furniture, some may only see the price tag in the showrooms and wonder if it’s really worth the investment.

A timeliness piece of furniture, crafted by a high-quality manufacturer, is built to last – both in terms of durability and style.

There are three traits that set top-quality furniture brands apart:

  1. Hand-crafted artistry
  2. Custom upholstering
  3. Life & durability

Hand-Crafted Artistry

Luxury furniture brands, such as Stickley, employ a team of specialist artisans and creative minds to maintain a high level of craftsmanship that has been passed down through the generations.

Knowing the story behind your piece makes it special. By investing in high-end furniture, you can learn about (or even know the name of) the person who carefully hand distressed the wood, or meticulously hand-tied the coils of what became a sofa, and who handpainted the tiny details on the edges of your bedside table.

Custom Upholstering

Luxury furniture brands offer custom upholstering – and not just in safe colours of black, beige or white. They’ll offer dozens if not hundreds of hand-selected designer patterns and fabrics for you to choose from, making a piece uniquely yours.

Have you ever settled for furniture you didn't love because of a lack of colour or pattern options? Well, if you invest in something special, you don’t have to rein in your imagination.

Life & Durability

While many brands like Bernhardt can eventually be considered collectible antiques, they are built to withstand daily life and outlast many competitors' products.

Imagine keeping a dining room table for so long that it is eventually inherited by your children and even their children.

The truth is, high-quality furniture is generational and can become a beloved family heirloom holding treasured stories – now, you can’t get that with a flatpack table, right?

Best High-End Furniture Brand – Vanguard


Vanguard's modern yet cozy contemporary styles leave nothing to the imagination. Vanguard has a team of passionate designers and craftsmen working for them, which is evident by the classic, yet beautifully curated pieces in their showrooms.

Vanguard Furniture

The Elliston sectional articulates Vanguard's innovation and individuality.
One of Vanguard’s most distinguishing features, that sets them apart from other furniture manufacturers, is their high-tech "make it yours" program. This tool allows customers to design their own furniture from their computer customizing their piece down to every last detail.

The "make it yours" tool allows customers to choose their desired:

Vanguard is one of the leading high-end furniture brands, radiating a comfortable, yet sophisticated feel, with customer satisfaction at the forefront of their mission.

Top Quality Furniture Brand – Stickley

The Stickley name is synonymous with craftsmanship. Simplicity is the key to this American-made furniture brand's success.

Stickley models their furniture after the "craftsmen" or "mission" style pieces of the early 20th century. Back in the 1920s, this type of "plain" furniture was replaced by more vogue furniture, only to re-emerge in the 1980s with continued popularity ever since.

Stickley furniture sets itself apart from other high-end furniture brands with several distinct qualities.

  1. Architectural & angular lines
  2. Sturdy joinery technique
  3. Beautiful grain patterns

Architectural & Angular lines

Clean, elegant, and simplistic, Stickley furniture pieces are classic and timeless ideal for any room in the house.

Sturdy joinery technique

When shopping for new furniture, people don't often stop and think about how these pieces are being held together.

The Stickley brand does not overlook any detail, big and small. Stickley creates solid pieces of furniture with well-crafted interlocking joints like this Harvey Ellis Console Table.

Beautiful grain pattern

Stickley diagonally cuts the high-quality woods, creating the gorgeous wood grain finish seen on all of Stickley's pieces, including the Walnut Grove Cocktail and end tables.

Best quality furniture brand

Stickley continues to mix modern and traditional styles in keeping with the times yet never losing the quality of craftsmanship.

Ultimate Luxury Furniture Brand – Lillian August

Lillian August Furniture

A fan and follower of couture and runway fashion, not surprisingly, Lillian August gets some of her inspiration from the runway.

In this interview with Lillian August on the impact of fashion on interior design, she says, “couture is not afraid to be expressive”. That idea is illustrated throughout Lillian August's designs with her use of:

Best luxury furniture brand

From sofas to side tables, Lillian August's designs are completely customizable.

With dozens of eclectic patterns and designs to choose from, Lillian August furniture is sincerely unique and strikingly luxurious.

Italian Furniture Brand – Cattelan Italia

Best Italian Furniture Brand

Founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, Cattelan is defined by its refined and creative style.

With a passion for modern and contemporary style, the Cattelan's created something all their own. Cattelan Italia's pieces are lavish and distinct yet functional, adding grace and sophistication to any home.

Cattelan Italia offers dining tables so authentic; a simple spaghetti dinner will have your guests shouting, Bellissimo! Then enjoy after-dinner coffee or drinks at the sleek and exquisite Scacco Cocktail table pictured below.

Cattelam Italia Furniture

Best Norwegian Furniture Brand – Stressless


Stressless may sound more relaxing than regal as the name for a high-quality furniture brand, but it is so much more than that.

Stressless recliners and sofas are made in Norway and upholstered in Italian and Brazilian leathers, but that's not all! There are several reasons why Stressless could be the perfect new piece of furniture in your home.

  1. Products are built to last
  2. Customizable
  3. Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association

Built To Last

Yes, a Stressless recliner may seem like an investment, and it is! But, it’s an investment in your comfort and alignment for years to come. With proper care and maintenance, a stressless chair can last 20 years. They even give you a five-year warranty right off the bat.


Stressless offers several options to ensure the best and most comfortable fit for each customer. Custom options include:

Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association

Last but not least, Stressless has been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. Stressless carefully uses ergonomic principles to make sitting less stressful on the body. Hence the name, Stressless.

Recliners don't have to be bulky to be comfortable! The Slim Metro Recliner or the magic power recliner gives a much-needed contemporary makeover to the classic clunky recliner.

Top Norwegian Furniture Brand

Want enough aligned supportive seating for the whole family? The Buckingham three-seater sofa offers recliners for three people who want lumbar support and enjoy a good snuggle.

Best American Made Furniture Brand – Bernhardt

Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt furniture is versatile, customizable, and perfectly posh. With so much to choose from for every room of the house, Berhardt is arguably the best American-made furniture brand.

Founded in 1889 in North Carolina, the family-owned furniture manufacturer has always set high standards. Speaking of high standards, Berhardt was acknowledged for taking sustainability to another level when they were given the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) Environmental Excellence award.

Bernhardt specializes in "cottage style," modern, contemporary looks, continuing to be an inspiration to up-and-coming brands.

Best Leather furniture Brand – Palliser

Palliser Furniture

Palliser furniture was founded in 1944 by A.A. DeFehr, who, at that point, was no more than a local craftsman and artisan, selling his own, handmade wooden furniture in Winnipeg, Manitoba. These days Palliser is a leading name in furniture, particularly leather sofas and sectionals.

Although the times have changed, Palliser's commitment to quality furniture and craftsmanship has not. Now Palliser offers a contemporary take on the classic lounging experience.

Are you searching for a modern take on a comfy leather matching chair and sofa? Or maybe something more massive like the Titan sectional for family and friends. Palliser furniture is available in several fabrics and leathers to create the perfect aesthetic for any home.

Best Leather Furniture Brand

Designer Furniture Brand – Caracole


Caracole is a premium and classic furniture brand nestled in the rolling hills of Greensboro, North Carolina. Caracole products are eclectic and unique, yet versatile, with sleek dining furniture to luxurious living room lounging and bedroom sets that ooze sophistication.

Whether one is seeking a statement piece to add a little sophistication to your sitting room like the Gilt-y Side Table, or maybe a stunning new Adela Sofa is in the future of the newly remodeled living space.

Top Designer Furniture Brand

With clean lines and soft edges, the Adela sofa flatters almost any space.

No matter the occasion or room, there is always a place for a timeless Caracole piece.

Best Bedroom Furniture Brand – Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture

Hooker furniture has one of the most interesting and inspiring stories of inception. In 1924, Clyde Hooker Sr and the citizens of Martinsville, North Carolina, raised $28,000 to invest in a company they believed in, Hooker Furniture.

Even now, Hooker Furniture is one of the top publicly traded brands to date. 

Hooker Furniture's bedroom decor is warm, modern, yet singularly original. With angular and geometric shapes, the Areline Console blends warmth with contemporary.

Best Bedroom Furniture Brand

The Ciao Bella King Uph Bed is simple and prudent yet completely glamourous and understated. If coupled with the rustically distressed Ciao Bella dresser, nightstand, and telephone table, what a dream!

Best Living Room Furniture Brand – Rowe

Rowe Furniture

Rowe Furniture finds inspiration in fashion and nature, which is presumably why they respect the environment and our natural world.

Rowe uses kiln-dried hardwoods from sustainable forests in the United States. Wood is then precision milled, shaped, and cut with care. All of Rowe's pieces are reinforced with corner blocks to ensure stability.

Rowe's cushions are also eco-friendly made with resilient foam or down. Rowe offers many options to ensure every piece of furniture is uniquely crafted for the customer.

Custom Option Details
Cushion Hardness Soft, medium, or hard, everyone has a different preference for lounging.
Precise Tailoring You can customize every aspect of your piece, down to the fabric, colour, and dimensions
Made To Order Know that your furniture is totally unique

Best Living Room Furniture Brand

Encapsulate traditional style with the Emmerson Swivel Chair or add more of a sleek and modern look with mixed material products like the Gigi Swivel Ottoman or the Percy Cocktail Table.

Having a hard time getting started with your new project? Here are a few ideas on how to give an area a certain flair.

Style Paint Window Treatments Example
Bed & Breakfast  Relatively light coloured and bright! Use flowy or sheer, light and bright curtains. Calista Drawer Chest
Modern Minimalist Varying shades of greys, whites, and off whites.

Earth tones of olive or browns can work but don’t get too dark

Solar shades give a clean and efficient look that modern minimalists love. Shape Dining Chair
Boho Chic Earth tones like greens, golds, and browns.

Off-whites are always lovely. Painting the trim a bold colour can be just enough.

Sheer bright and colourful panels,

velvet panels

tasselled panels

or a mix of sheers with solids

Delilah Accent Console

Conclusion: Invest In Generational Furniture Pieces

We understand and encourage customers to take the time for serious and thoughtful consideration.

After all, this piece of high-end furniture will be with you and your family for years to come, so be picky, be meticulous. Visit our 33,000 ft showroom at Bondars in Calgary to view all of these incredible brands, you might just find your next favourite piece of furniture.

And if you need any help, our team of furniture specialists is right here.


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