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Add a Touch of Glamour with Calgary Living Room Chairs

Add a Touch of Glamour with Calgary Living Room Chairs

Accent chairs for the living room make a room pop. This can happen with bold prints, upholstery, unique designs and more.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to add glamour into your living room with modern accent chairs without overdoing it.

Choosing Your Living Room Chairs

When shopping for Calgary living room chairs, begin by choosing the type of chair.

Focus on style and material and consider the other furniture in the room. Decorative chairs that have simple, straight lines, sharp corners and metal accents work well with a modern decorating style.

Chairs with curved lines, rounded corners and wood trim complement traditional decor.

Create your style.

At Bondars, we have modern accent chairs, leather accent chairs and even chaise lounges for your Calgary home.  

Wingback Accent Chairs

Wingback accent chairs are one of the most popular chair options for a living space. They’re designed with high backs, winged sides and armrests, creating an elegant and formal look.

A larger wingback makes it the perfect companion to a larger sofa since it brings a balance to the room.

Calgary Living Room Chairs

The Kingston Wing Chair is a stunning example of a wingback chair. This oversized chair is built with Sinous spring construction and luxe down cushions. It’s available in both leather and fabric.

In the photo below, the chairs are placed in front of a fireplace with a coffee table between the two. This creates a great place to have a conversation, read a novel or enjoy a glass of wine.

Brightly Coloured Accent Chairs

Another way to bring glamour into your living room is by adding a pop of colour.

While many living rooms remain on the neutral scale, adding colour through decorative chairs can bring flavour to your living room.

The Curl Chair available at Bondars is a power chair. This bright red Calgary living room chair has a tight back cushion and webbed seating. Your eye is immediately drawn to this comfy chair.  We don’t blame you.

Accent chairs for living room

If red isn’t your glamour colour, the Curl Chair is available in a variety of different fabrics. Just ask one of our experienced sales professionals to help pick the right colour for you.

Leather Accent Chairs

Leather accent chairs bring a sprinkle of sophistication and traditional class to a living room. They’re normally a chair that is roomy and has extra deep seats, which makes them perfect to curl up with a blanket and cup of tea.

The Rigby Chair is an accent chair that combines leather and glamour. These chairs are perfect alone or as a pair in any living room space. The Rigby Chair comes in a variety of different leather colours to make it easier to match your current living room theme.

Accent chairs

Patterned Upholstery Accent Chair

Another way to add glamour to your Calgary living room chairs is by welcoming pattern into the room.

A patterned upholstered accent chair can add texture and colour to any living room. Accent chairs with a loud pattern can be used as the living room centrepiece. Simply pick out your favourite patterned chair and add it to the space that needs attention.

We love the Branford Chairs because the neutral colour theme allows them to work well with any living room while remaining eye-catching with the pattern. The Branford chairs are tight back capped with decorative wood top rail. They are available in a variety of different fabrics and patterns. Below are two different options.

Comfy chairs

Mix and Match Your Accent Chairs

If you’re ready to be a bit more daring, why not mix and match your Calgary living room chairs.

Create a stylish, yet comfortable living room by placing two different types of accent chairs beside your sofa. This creates a relaxed vibe that will make your guests want to stay a little longer, or for just one more drink.

Decorative chairs

The Beckett Chair above on the left, shows how it works well beside different styles of living room furniture.

The Occasional Chairs

And finally, we must point out that not all accent chairs need to be big, oversized and bright. If that’s not your style, that’s 100 per cent okay.

The occasional accent chairs bring a different air of glam into a living room.

These living room chairs are typically light and chic, like the Alice Chairs.

Modern accent chairs

These living room chairs are a multi-purpose piece of furniture for the home. The Alice Chairs are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours to match your living rooms style.

Bring them out for any occasion where you need extra seating, or always keep them on display.

Come in Today

There are many ways to add glamour to your Calgary living room accent chairs. At Bondars, we offer many options for your accent chairs to suit your personal taste and living room style.

Come in today and let us know what you’re looking for. Bring any inspiration you have and we will help you decide on the right level of glamour for your living room chairs.

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